Ploytec "Pi L 2" PL2
Terrasoniq Ploytec PL2

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2 Oscillators
4 Waveforms
32 Presets
32 Userpresets

Square Wave Synthesis
Digital Filter (LPF, BPF, HPF)
Analog Filter (LPF)
Pulse Width Modulation
MIDI clock synced LFO

"Hi guys, greetings from the USA! I am Joey Davis (aka Yoshida) and you sent me the Ploytec PI L Squared synth a few months back to review and I must say it is a super cool little box!!

I used it on a tune I am releasing on Swedish label Clubstream and I wanted to send you a demo of the tune.

Some processing was added (compression, limiting, etc), but I got some beefy bass tones from this great little box...well anyway have a listen when you can!!"

(Courtesy of clubstream.se)

Join Peter Malick and Jason Davies talking about the πλ².

Yoshida - Magnetized:

Overview about how to connect the πλ².

Tomi presenting the πλ² in English

Here's the manual:

English πλ² manual

Deutsche πλ² Gebrauchsanweisung

Compatibility List (constantly updated)

List of supported MIDI Control messages

Release notes for πλ² V2.0 firmware

Editor for Windows (with V2.0 firmware updater)

Editor for Mac (10.6, and above) (with V2.0 firmware updater) 

Roland A300, Korg nanoKONTROL2 & Yamaha KX temps

The πλ² can be ordered here.

Click here for the assembly kit.

Markus presenting the πλ² in German for Amazona.

Very cool πλ² video from Azuchi Takahashi.

Firmware V2.0 demo:

This demo is recorded with the new V2.0 firmware. For the first time even the drumsounds are done on the πλ². No effects used, except for EQ and compression.

πλ² with TouchOSC demo from Dirigent Corporation.

TouchOSC for Apple iPhone / iPad info:

Get TouchOSC

The template used in the video

360° Image from Images 360:
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